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Solar Energy – Photovoltaic (PV)

Silicon and sunlight – the two most important aspects of free energy – together produce a photovoltaic effect that can be utilised in purpose built solar systems to produce

When the sun is interrupted by an object, it heats it up. This effect is similar to when you sit in the sun and the light hitting your body begins to heat up.

The heat that the light from the sun produces can be harnessed. When it hits specific objects or materials, it can be converted into energy therefore can be collected and used as electricity.

We use photovoltaic systems such as photovoltaic solar panels as well as roof tiles and slates that do just that. They collect light and convert it into safe, free electricity.

Through the use of photovoltaics in buildings, we install solar energy that makes best use of a system that does not emit harmful carbon dioxide, so they are beneficial to you because of the money saving prospects, and are not harmful to the atmosphere.

Because of the photovoltaic efficiency, the systems attract one of the highest Feed in Tariffs, which means energy companies are obliged, by government ruling, to pay you for the units of energy produced at your home.

In time, the initial photovoltaic systems cost is recovered and in the long term you actually generate a profit.

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