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Roofing Repairs & Solar Panel Installation

If your home is in need of minor or major roofing repairs, we can help.roof repairs

We are specialists in roofing and solar installations and can fit new solar tiles or panels in place of traditional roof slates that can help you to offset the price of replacing some, or all, of your roof.

By installing solar panels you can generate up to half of your own electricity by using light and heat energy from the sun. It's a far greener way to power your home and the popularity of solar power is growing dramatically due to the long term potential to save money and receive an income from the energy you generate (see Feed in Tariffs).

If you are thinking about changing the way you pay for your energy, and of course where the electricity for your home comes from, there are two options.

The most subtle option in adding solar heating to your home is to add solar roof tiles or roof slates. This is particularly cost effective if your roof already needs to be partly or fully repaired or replaced. By incorporating the cost of the solar energy roof tiles in with the cost of your new roof, you can offset the overall cost and benefit from reduced electricity bills and potentially receive payments for the energy you produce.

The cheapest, option is to lay transparent solar heating panels on top of the roof. The panels can be very heavy therefore the current roof slates or tiles must be strong. With this in mind, roof tiles may have to be replaced to withstand the weight of the panels. Whilst this is not always the case, if we assess the roof of your home and it is not strong enough, we can fit the solar energy roof tiles mentioned above whilst roofing repairs are carried out.

We invite you to speak to our experts and arrange a no-obligation visit to assess your roof, and help you choose from solar tiles or panels and roofing repairs.

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