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FAQs about Solar Energy in your Home

Is Solar Energy Ideal As An Additional Electricity Supply at My Home?

A Photovoltaic solar energy system must be able to be installed so that it is within 90 degrees of South. Although it does not have to face the sun directly, any kind of shade will hamper its efficiency. With this in mind, your home is a perfect candidate if it is not located in a highly shaded location, or overshadowed by taller buildings or trees.

What is Photovoltaic?

Photovoltaics is the word used to describe how solar energy technology works. The 'Photo' part of the word derives from the Greek word 'Phos' – meaning light – and the unit measurement of 'Volt' – meaning electricity - in the word was named after Alessandro Volta who pioneered the study of electricity.

It was first discovered and used in the 1890's and uses exactly that – electricity and light using devices and technology that harness light from the sun, converting it into electrical energy that can be used or stored.

How do the Photovoltaic Panels Work?

Photovoltaic cells are able to collect energy from the light emitted by the sun. When the light hits the cell, it is cleverly converted into electricity and can be used instantly, or stored, to power home appliances, lighting, sockets etc.

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