What exactly is the ‘Feed in Tariff’

In April 2010 the Government launched the Feed in Tariff (FIT) for solar electric (PV). For the domestic market, for the home owner this allows you to use the electricity your solar system produces completely free, therefore you make a direct saving on your electric bill. You will also be paid 43.3 pence per kWh of electricity your solar system produces. You also get paid extra money fo rover production, the scheme is indexed linked and tax free but it must be fitted / installed by a MCS certified company (like ours). In April 2012 the rate for new installations will be lowered so now is a great time to be locked into the 25 year scheme. The average size3 home installing an average size solar system will received about £800 back in money and save about half of its electric bill, every year for 25 years.