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Feed in Tariff

Generating energy at your home is a popular way to reduce electricity bills, by up to half, and generate green energy whilst receiving payments for the energy produced through a 'Feed in Tariff'.feed-in-tariff

No longer are there government grants that subsidise the cost of solar energy installation systems – they are simply much cheaper than they were a few years ago, with much better incentives.

What is the Feed in Tariff?

Once solar panels are installed in your home by our professionals, we register your system with the relevant body. Depending on the size of the system fitted – which is dependent on the size of your home and how much electricity you usually use - the largest energy companies are obliged to make compulsory payments relating to the units of energy produced. With this in mind, you may be required to move to another supplier to make use of the scheme.

Payments are made to the homeowner, or taken from your bills, and your annual expenditure reduced by around half using the most efficient solar systems.

  • Reduce Electricity Bills
  • Generate a Tax-Free Income
  • Generate Green Energy at Home
  • Avoid Potential Fuel Cost Rises

We will provide as much information as we can with regard to Feed in Tariffs for those interested in solar energy systems. Whether you are a homeowner, business owner or managing commercial and retail properties, we invite you to call us today

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