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FAQs abour Feed in Tariff and Solar Panels

Do you want your own 'Power Station' on your roof? if so read some of the most common questions and answers that we get asked below and get in touch with us.

Do The Panels Need Direct Sunlight to Generate Energy?

They do not require direct sunlight and do not require constant sunshine, therefore will work even on cloudy days though may generate a smaller amount in lengthy cloudy periods.

Your PV system may be less efficient in dark cloudy days however you will never be without electricity even on those days as your mains supply takes over if the PV system has not generated all of your electricity for that day. This is often more apparent in winter or at night time.

What Happens if The System Does Not Generate Enough Electricity?

At night time the PV system may switch off as it cannot collect light. At times like this, or on extremely dark days, there may not be enough solar energy to provide your home with electricity. However, the PV system is fitted in parallel with your mains supply (from the National Grid). This means that you will never be without electricity, as the mains supply will kick in when the PV system is not allowing solar energy into your home.

What if The System Generates Too Much Energy?

If your system generates more energy than your home needs, which can occur at any time – most likely in summer when the days are longer. Excess energy is exported into the National Grid and you of course will be paid by one of the six big energy companies you have opted to take a Feed in Tariff with.

Does the System Generate Noise?

No. As well as the solar energy panels generating pollution free energy, they do not cause any noise pollution. They are silent and non-moving.

Are Grants Available?
Grants and saving schemes can also be found by visiting the Energy Saving Trust website. Not everybody in the UK is eligible.

What is a Feed in Tariff?

The Feed in Tariff is a clean energy cash back scheme launched by the government. It offers an incentive to property owners to install systems that can generate green, renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions.

The six largest energy companies operate the scheme – it is compulsory for them to do so. They pay you back for the energy produced by renewable, solar (PV) or wind turbine energy producing systems.

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