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FAQs about Solar Energy in your Home

Do you want free Electricity for your Essex Home? if so then read below to see some of the common questions we get asked.

How Much Electricity Does the Average Home Waste?

The amount used in your home depends on how much you use, and how you use it plus how much energy is wasted. Of course, the more efficiently you use electricity and the less you waste it, the less you will need to power the electrics in your home.

By looking through the last quarter and how much you used in that period, we can assess how much your home needs to run efficiently. We will use this kind of analysis to determine the size of system your home will require.

What maintenance do I need to carry out?

Panels require little maintenance. Whilst we recommend you use a professional company to maintain your solar panels due to safety issues, there is very little maintenance required. The panels should be kept clean and free from debris. It is important to ensure surrounding trees do not create shade over the panels.

What are the cost savings I can achieve?

The larger your Photovoltaic Solar Energy System is, the more efficient it will be. Whilst solar panels that are fitted on top of your existing roof is less costly that using solar energy roof tiles, the cosmetic appeal is more desirable. If a system produces lots of energy, then the return on that energy is greater than that of a smaller system – so the more that the system costs, the more energy you can save; whatever the size of your system, in time you will gain back the initial investment and will benefit from a small tax-free income from selling back your electricity to the government (see also Feed in Tariff).

Will My Roof Be Strong Enough?

Your roof needs to be sturdy and strong to withhold the weight of the heavy solar panels. We will always consult with you once we have assessed the strength of your roof, and can incorporate roof repairs and replacements with the installation of solar energy roof tiles or roof panels.

Do I Need to Apply For Planning Permission?

We service the Essex area and planning permission is not usually required. However, all councils are run differently and if you have a listed building live in a protected or conservation area or nature reserve or heritage site, we strongly recommend checking with the planning department.

If your system will be above a specific size then we will talk to you about building regulations and will help you to apply for permission should it be required.

Will I Have Constant Electricity Supply?

You are never without electricity, which should hopefully give you peace of mind that your home is not completely reliant on the solar energy panels.

When your home requires electricity, the power is primarily supplied from solar energy. If there is little available, then the power supply will come from the mains – because the system is fitted in parallel with your existing electricity supply they work together so that your home is never at risk.

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