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Cost Savings of Solar Energy

Solar energy savings can be quite substantial over a long term, meaning that fitting a system at your home can be a real investment.

The average cost of the smallest PV system starts at around £5,000, whilst a larger system for an average sized home can start around £12,000* (*source, energy saving trust)solar efficiency through solar energy

The larger the system, the more cost saving benefits it attracts due to it being highly efficient. Even though the initial cost is greater than opting for a smaller system, there is a greater chance the system will generate more energy therefore you will receive higher payments.

Photovoltaic (PV) solar heating systems provide your home with up to half of the electricity needed to run it. However, the prices of installation of renewable energy systems can vary depending on the size of system required, and depending on your location and your personal status.

Free Solar Energy Systems

There are many UK initiatives, including in the Essex areas that we service, to gain from free offers you must not have the funds available. This is often the option taken by low income families and is combined with government incentives to help those with low incomes to benefit from the cost saving potential generating your own electricity.

Outright Purchase

Some homeowners can meet the initial equipment and installation costs. You can join the PV Solar revolution by purchasing the system outright – this provides you the opportunity to take advantage of the Feed in Tariff scheme. This option offers a low income and a return on your initial investment, over time.


Homeowners who do not have the available investment at this time opt to take a financially sound option such as using the capital on the mortgage. This is an ideal way to gain ownership of the solar panels over time, whilst benefiting immediately from reduced electricity bills.

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